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EN_Presentation of Telcon Company


Are you here for the first time? Maybe we have not met yet.
Watch this presentation and find out more about us.

You will find a presentation in foreign language versions here.

See the premieres of Maxximus


Discover the premiere powerbanks by Maxximus:
MX Roth & MX Coco

See the premieres of Remax


Discover Remax's premiere accessories.  

See the premieres of Nillkin
Meet the next launches from the Nillkin brand. 
The Nillkin CamShield Leather Case is a combination of minimalism, luxury and functionality. The product is extremely durable and perfectly protects your smartphone from the effects of a possible fall.

See the premieres of 3mk
Experience the latest 3mk products. Powerful chargers, functional grips and much more. Check them out now.


See the next premieres of the Nillkin brand. High quality, functional Cyclop Cases to keep your smartphone protected and comfortable. SnapBase and Magstand - useful gadgets for every desk.



See the unique accessories by Nillkin. High quality cases to keep your smartphone protected and comfortable.


New from T-Phox are classic, minimalist mains chargers for fast and safe charging of portable gadgets.


Extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing accessories from Remax.
Adapters, headphones, desk mounts.
Check what will be useful in your shop.

Premieres - MX Luxury, MX Shine, MX Cartoon


Meet the premieres of the Maxximus brand. New case designs that are sure to win your hearts. Elegance, glitter or maybe funny cartoon owls?
Check out what's new in the MX range.

Discover a new level of quality with Maxximus accessories.

See the products of 3mk

Discover comprehensive smartphone protection by 3mk.
protective cases
tempered glasses
hybrid glasses
protective foils

EN_See the premieres_MX_Vader


Drive safely. MX Vader is a car holder which will change your driving comfort and enable you to navigate the road in comfort and safety.

Discover a new level of quality with Maxximus accessories.

Product Catalogue

We have prepared another online product catalogue for you.

Click on it and check out what you can find there. You can see many premieres products, but also bestsellers that you have surely already got to know!

Among the brands present, you will certainly spot brands such as Maxximus, Baseus or Remax.

Stylish cases, powerful chargers and practical gadgets. Check it out now!

See the premieres - MX Fold and MX Fold Pro

Ergonomics and working comfort
Discover a new level of quality with Maxximus accessories.
Discover desk handles that will improve the comfort of working with mobile devices.

See the products of 3mk

The complete All-Safe System allows you to make additional profit and protect almost any screen.

Discover the 3mk offer and provide your customers with comprehensive protection for mobile devices.

3MK SilverProtection+

Trade offer: sales of 3mk products within the All-Safe system 3.0

Trade offer: sales of 3mk products within the All-Safe system.

Premieres - MX Shock 20W PD

Discover a new level of quality with Maxximus brand accessories.

The MX Shock 20W PD is a great product that will work well with both mains and car chargers. It is compatible with a wide range of products that support Power Delivery and Quick Charge.

Check it out today.

MX premieres - Alfa & Kappa loaders

Discover a new level of quality with Maxximus brand accessories.

MX Alfa and MX Kappa chargers are CE and ROHS certified to guarantee high quality products approved for sale in the EU.

Check today.

Tests of the chargers can be found here.

Gold Glam Case Series


Gold Glam is a series that has won the hearts of customers almost immediately. Explore the available designs and let yourself be enchanted by the gold glitter.



Product Catalogue


Get to know our catalog!

We have prepared a product offer for you for the third quarter of 2021 in the form of an online catalog. You will find there many premiere products, but also bestsellers that you certainly already know! Among the manufacturers present there, you will certainly see brands such as: Maxximus, T-phox, Baseus, Xiaomi, XO and known from the world of fashion: Guess or Karl Lagerfeld Stylish cases, powerful chargers, practical gadgets. Check it out today!

Long-awaited T-Phox iSpeed 20W chargers


Don't miss out!




See the premieres of Baseus.

New accessories of the bestselling brand Baseus.
Do not miss the delivery.



See the premieres of Maxximus.

New models of MX cases already available in our warehouse.
Don't miss the hot new products!




Don't miss the delivery!


Check out what you'll find in the latest delivery of Nillkin products.






Discover the premiere products of MX brand.
Elegant VIP cover, functional Mag and Slider cases, Iron holder.
Check it out today




The Galactic and Peacock case is the next installment of the already well-known Gold Glam series, which has appealed to many customers.
What do you need to know?
Both Galactic and Peacock are a combination of interesting aesthetics, functionality and protection.
Golden particles, embedded almost on the entire surface of the pattern, subtly emphasize the uniqueness of the product.
Case was made of high quality TPU. It is durable and effectively protects your smartphone against scratches, abrasions and cushioning the force of a possible accident.




Extremely functional products from Remax.
Chargers, headphones, car and desk holders, and even a selfie lamp.
Check what will be useful in your store.




New models of sensational Guess licensed cases. Effective protection and original design of the phone at your fingertips. Among the premiere accessories of this brand at you will find

- Guess Chain Collection Black
- Guess Chain Collection Silver
- Guess Chain Collection Gold
- Guess Peony Collection Red
- Guess Charms Collection Brown





Fashion brands have become a permanent fixture in the GSM industry. Discover our range of unique cases manufactured under Karl Lagerfeld license. Reliable protection and interesting design can go hand in hand!