About us

Telcon company it’s leading wholesaler on the Polish market, thanks to having wide range of products and cooperation with renowned brand producer we can offer products of the highest quality at the best prices. Our product portfolio includes many valued brands – both global and own.

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Telcon it’s:

  • Professional and experienced team – we have been on market since 2000 and thanks to experienced we gained, that we gladly share, we are a team of best advisers you can find

  • Exceptional staff – customer is the most important for us, we are flexible and we treat each customer individually.

  • High quality products – products from our offer come straight from the producers, are checked, trustworthy and collect high grades.

We focusing on trust and good relations with our clients, carefully listening to all suggestions and coments.

Induction chargers have been with us for a good 10 years, but their popularity has started to grow strongly for 2-3 years. Now we are starting to use them both in offices and at home.
The times when the headphone cables were notoriously tangled are slowly becoming a thing of the past. TWS wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular.
The rapidly spreading pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has significantly increased awareness and reminded people of the importance of daily hygiene and immunity. Paradoxically, which may be a controversial theory, this is probably one of the few "positives" of the current situation.