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Induction chargers have been with us for a good 10 years, but their popularity has started to grow strongly for 2-3 years. Now we are starting to use them both in offices and at home.
The times when the headphone cables were notoriously tangled are slowly becoming a thing of the past. TWS wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular.
The rapidly spreading pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has significantly increased awareness and reminded people of the importance of daily hygiene and immunity. Paradoxically, which may be a controversial theory, this is probably one of the few "positives" of the current situation.
Take care of the camera in your phone! 3MK Lens Protection will keep your photos sharp at the highest level.
Remember your first computer, a large box with a large monitor taking up a large part of the room. The possibilities that were guaranteed to you then made life much easier and free time allowed to use multimedia. Now think about the leap the available technology has made, making it all fit in your pocket. Impressive isn't it? You don't need a computer anymore, but a smartphone.
For the fourth quarter of 2020 we are introducing products that sell well in e-commerce as gadgets, but also as practical gifts. Thinking about people who buy good quality products, Baseus is developing its products line. - Electric handles - High power cables - Hubs - High power chargers - TWS Bluetooth headphones
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