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Cooperation with Allegro stores - not only your main industry can bring profit

5 basic rules tfor selling on Allegro

1. Treat your client as you would like to be trated yourself

2. Thank you custommers for their purchases by giving them discounts for next purchases in the store ( not necesarilly on the Allegro platform)

3. Look for new product that competition don´t have yet and this will give you a time advantage.

4. Familiarize yourself with excel and the profit and loss acount, because allegro costs can suprise people who don´t like to count meticulously.

5. Expand your offer with prode¡ucts from related industries - Cross Selling - is  one  of cheapest ways to significantly increase sales.

How can we help you to meet the above points?

In fact, we could give you a lot of practical advice about each of these points, but there are people who have more experience in training in advertising, marketing, Excel, etc. We try to do what we are best at, leaving other topics better than us.

However, we can tell you how to increase your sales with the help of Cross Selling - here lies a large, unused potential of your e-commerce business.

For 20 years on the market in the GSM industry, we provide our customers primarily with phone accessories, but also by analyzing the needs of our customers, we provided them with products from many related industries. Thanks to this approach, at least 20% of our revenue comes from the sale of products other than GSM accessories.

What dose it matter to you?

Answer the 3 main questions (of course, you can increase the number of them depending on what conclusions you reach):

1. Do customers who buy products from my main offer need to use other products that are an addition to my offer

2. Do I have time to introduce new products to the offer (i.e. make good descriptions with photos), do I have time to pack and send them, do I have time to do a market analysis

3. Do I know where and what products should I buy to make them a good additional element, the so-called cross selling for my basic offer

If you can answer the above 3 questions - YES, then spend your time on the wise development of your business.

Below are some examples of our clients, whose main sales profile has nothing to do with GSM accessories - but their clients synergistically (cross-selling) eagerly buy phone accessories in stores, wholesalers of our clients while purchasing other, basic products.

1. Automotive industry - successfully sells chargers, handles and cables
2. Computer industry - successfully sells cables, glasses and films protecting phones, tablets (screens)
3. Clothing accessories industry - successfully sells phone cases
4. Electro industry - sells successfully - batteries, chargers and cables
5. The office industry - also found its cross selling products among GSM accessories - headsets, desk holders, cable organizers, etc.

  • The next ideas are a matter of your creativity and market analysis as well as the needs of your customers.
  • Don´t limit yourself to selling only basic products because you are wasting potential that can increase your profits.
  • Grow your business with your head and not with strength.

Radek Garnys.