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Let's take care of our own health and the health of our loved ones.

17 November 2020

Let's take care of our own health and the health of our loved ones.

The rapidly spreading pandemic of the Covid-19 virus has significantly increased awareness and reminded people of the importance of daily hygiene and immunity. Paradoxically, which may be a controversial theory, this is probably one of the few "positives" of the current situation..

It seems that a lot has already been said in the media about prophylaxis and cleaning methods. Most of us remember to keep our distance, wash our hands frequently or cover our mouths when coughing. As time passes, however, it can be observed that we forget how easily bacteria and viruses spread on everyday objects, such as banknotes or phones. A smartphone is an item that we use very often during the day, communicating via text messages, social media, or viewing current news. It is worth knowing that five times more bacteria are deposited on the phone screen (which by generating heat is an ideal habitat for the development of viruses) than on a toilet bowl or a door handle.

Therefore, the question should be asked, what to do to protect yourself from an undesirable disease? If you are using cash, it is effective and simple to wear gloves. However, this solution will not work for everyday use of phones. Not all screens are adapted to the touch through rubber or latex. Wiping down smartphones with disinfectants can be time-consuming and dangerous to our devices. The perfect idea, therefore, seems to buy an antibacterial cover from Mercury.

What is this?

The cover is made of high-quality silicone with perfect smoothness, and its additional advantage is the built-in Microban protection, which inhibits the growth of degrading bacteria on the surface of the case. Microban technology works at the cellular level and helps keep the cabinet cleaner, fresher and more durable for the expected life span. The MERCURY ANTIMICROBIAL case is designed to protect the back and side parts of the phone against damage. Perfectly fits the phone, does not cover the keypad elements and allows convenient access to all buttons on the phone.

The product is available in Telcon's offer from September 2020.↓

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